Ensemble Video LTI Integration for Blackboard Ultra Course Experience


When using the Blackboard Ultra Course Experience, you need to configure Ensemble Video integration using native LTI in Blackboard.  The Basic LTI LTI Configuration that is used for Original Course View is not supported for Ultra View.

Adding the Tool

Adding a Placement for the Tool

Using the Integration

First you will need to go to Administration->Institution->LTI and Configurations and find the LTI Consumer Key and Shared Secret.  You will also need to configure the Identity Provider to match the Identity Provider used for authentication for Blackboard.  The Launch URL will also be needed in a later configuration step.




Adding the Tool Provider

Go to the Administration panel in Blackboard and click on Integrations->LTI Tool Providers, and then click Register LTI 1.1 Provider



Enter the Domain (the DNS name where you log into Ensemble Video -- e.g., myinstitution.ensemblevideo.com or ensemble.myinstitution.edu), and make sure the status is Approved

Set "Default Configuration" to Set Globally  and enter the LTI Key and Secret from Ensemble Video (Administration->Institution->LTI and Configurations). The Tool Provider Custom Parameter ensemble_username_param=user_id instructs Blackboard to pass the user ID to Ensemble Video to match up user account based on the Identity Provider used for Blackboard and Ensemble Video authentication. 


Scroll down and check that the Institution policies are set properly


Then click Submit to save and proceed.


Adding a Placement for the LTI Tool

Now you will see the Tool you just created in the list of LTI Tool Providers in Admin panel->Integrations->LTI Tool Providers.  Click on the Dropdown menu for the new tool and select Manage Placements to add a new placement for the tool.




Enter a Label for the placement, this is what will identity the tool for instructors in the Content Marketplace when they go to insert video content, video quiz or video dropbox.



Scroll down and provide a Handle for the placement, and ensure the placement is Available and that Deep Linking Content Tool is selected. Also check the "Launch in New Window" checkbox.  



Scroll to the bottom of the form where you will need to enter the Launch URL from Ensemble Video (Administration->Institution->LTI and Configurations). The Tool Provider Key and Secret will be automatically populated (inherited from the LTI Tool Configuration above).  You will need to enter the Tool Provider Custom Parameter ensemble_username_param=user_id to ensure that Blackboard sends the user ID to Ensemble Video.


Click Submit to save the Placement.  You will see confirmation that the placement was saved and the new placement will be listed. 



Using the LTI Configuration

Go to the Content area of a course that is using the Ultra Experience. click on the "+" to add content and select Content Market. 



Scroll to find the Ensemble Video integration that you added above. Click on it and it will launch the Ensemble Video Chooser interface.  You can insert video or playlist and it will be inserted and provide a link to view within the course.  If you add a video quiz or video dropbox, it will be automatically added to the Blackboard Gradebook.


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