New Features

  • Video Advertising Support
  • Playback Speed Customization
  • Cisco WebEx Integration
  • Zoom Integration Updates
  • XML Ingest Workflow Improvements
  • Ensemble Studio Dashboard
  • French Language Support
  • Institutional Footer Customization
  • Authenticated Viewing Tracking Message

Improvements and Fixes

  • Support for legacy plugin permalink load by short content id
  • Automatic merge of Studio interrupted recordings


Hotfix 1

  • Improved handling for Studio LCS device bad state

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for Local Recorder reporting in Studio dashboard

Hotfix 3

  • Improved job scheduling for Studio
  • Studio fix for auto recovery in case when user stops Auto recording and starts again
  • Studio improvement for ending recording in case when device is set to inactive RTMP path, but actually it is recording to some recording item
  • Added trim spaces when searching in Studio dashboard
  • Added API interface for pulling all devices history logs
  • Added link to device in Studio recordings dashboard
  • Fix for manage recording link in Studio recordings dashboard
  • Fix for Quiz publishing

Hotfix 4

  • Download fix for Chrome Recorder contents from Media Library page
  • Fix for loading embeds if diplayAds parameter exists and Ad blocker is installed. Note: Parameter is renamed displayAds -> displayAxdxs. For existing embeds parameter needs to be manually renamed or content should be re-embeded

Hotfix 5

  • Studio improvements for device reboot in case of failure
  • Removed CDN jquery dependency from plugin due to issue with offline mode

Hotfix 6

  • Digitally signed executable required to avoid antivirus deletion
  • Studio fix for dual content auto publish

Hotfix 7

  • Support for Ensemble Transcoder

Hotfix 8

  • Fix for Total Views count in Content Popularity report
  • Zoom - Reduced API Calls to get UserSettings

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for 404 when bulk deleting users
  • Fix to allow non-provisioned users for content restricted to Shibboleth login
  • Added a number of missing translations

Hotfix 10

  • Amara versioning fix due to upstream API changes
  • Fix for content web address restriction check when accessed through playlist

Hotfix 11

  • Fixed regression stopping LTI Chooser customization launch parameters from working

Hotfix 12

  • Automatic Captions API upgrade

Hotfix 13

  • Fix for scrollbar flickering in fixed iframe embed

Hotfix 14

  • Security fix for Playlist edit

Hotfix 15

  • Fix for API security vulnerability
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