New Features

  • Video Chop Tool
  • Live Streaming in Ensemble Video Mobile App
  • Bulk Upload an Ensemble Studio Schedule
  • Google Authentication


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Ensemble Anthem Updates
  • New Uploader
  • LTI 3rd Party Cookies


Hotfix 1

  • Bulk add for Studio Scheduling
  • Ensemble Anthem Update (Windows to 2.9 and Mac to 2.8)
  • Fix for multiple Playlist UI bugs
  • Fix for LTI Upload
  • Fix for multiple Studio bugs
  • Fix for Bulk Upload auto captions

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for YouTube embed with special characters
  • Fix for Zoom Workflow user search

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for Playlist sorting
  • Fixed Studio merge issue resulting in missed content due to upload latency
  • Fix for Bulk Schedule import error
  • Fix non-responsive audio embed size to prevent clipping of player
  • Fix failed chooser loading resulting in 404 due to legacy launch url
  • Fix to prevent content item response type selection for D2L Quicklinks
  • Fix to support third-party-cookie detection in Safari
  • Fix for issue causing failed Studio Dashboard loading given a large number of devices
  • Fixed handling of completed uploads when using Bulk Upload
  • Resolved issue w/ Studio resubmit handling creating duplicate recording jobs leading to potential recording loss

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for Zoom processing
  • Fixed service account user filtering for CAS accounts in the v2 api
  • Zoom integration fix for import and deletion when handling multiple mp4
  • Fix for orphaned "en" caption files in Amara caption editor after upgrade
  • Fix to delete temporary files generated during processing of chopped videos
  • Fixed login redirect regression impacting SharePoint chooser integration
  • Minor fix for inconsistent LTI menu naming
  • Minor fix to replace legacy YouTube icon
  • LTI fix to handle web address restrictions in case of popout redirect when third-party cookies are disabled
  • Fix to properly display Playback Rates in French language
  • Fixed broken web address restriction handling for LTI launches

Hotfix 4.1

  • Fix for Quiz keyboard navigation if "Timeline and question navigation" option is off

Hotfix 4.2

  • Fix for Webex processing when "/" character is used in Meeting Topic
  • Fix for Resubmit Job on not-transcoded contents

Hotfix 5

  • Ensemble Anthem Update (Mac to 2.9)

Hotfix 6

  • Reporting accuracy improvements
  • Live Streaming viewers count accuracy improvements
  • Fix for ABR playback with specific encodings where Jw Player is not able to calculate optimal quality
  • Fix for Studio recurrent schedule handling when device is disconnected during schedule end time
  • Added support for EnsembleAnthem, ABR, Live Capture, Live Streaming and Studio recordings in Loop playlist
  • Fix for content embed when media dimensions are not 16:9
  • Added validation for default workflow deletion
  • Fix for web address and password restrictions expiration link handling
  • Fix for password restriction handling when embedded in iframe and viewed in Safari browser

Hotfix 7

  • Fix for Content Activity report (No Data error)

Hotfix 8

  • Fix for deleting Zoom recordings if MeetingId contains "/" character
  • Fix for Webex processing after daylight saving time
  • Fix for System Activity, Media Storage reports (No Data error)

Hotfix 8.1

  • Fix for deleting Zoom recordings if recording is not processed in case if disk quota is exceeded
  • Fix for manually adding active users if email domain extension contains more than 4 characters

Hotfix 9

  • Performance improvement for loading of captionable content during bulk captioning
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