New Features

  • Video Quizzes on YouTube videos
  • Video Comments
  • Video Notes
  • Password reset feature for Ensemble Video accounts
  • Social sharing support for Google Classroom


  • Simplified YouTube configuration
  • Auto-provisioning Zoom workflow and populating with users


Hotfix 1

  • Comments for Live Stream, Live Capture and Ensemble Studio contents
  • Added global YouTube API Key
  • Added timeout for Zoom and Webex requests
  • Fix for Redis Timeout issue
  • Studio fix for schedule that when converted to UTC changes day in week or month
  • Added playlist option for featured content to always be the first based on filter and sort criteria
  • Improved accuracy for handling Live Streaming viewers count restrictions

Hotfix 2

  • French translation for release
  • Improvements for SMIL file dynamic creation when Live ABR is configured

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for custom permalink creation
  • Fix for Portal Channel with restriction not showing categories
  • Ensemble Studio fix for Scheduled recordings that didn't start

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for uncaught exception during provisioning attempt when IDP group attribute is misconfigured
  • Performance improvement for loading of captionable content during bulk captioning
  • Fix for intermittent access denied message on playlist content launched over LTI
  • Fix for Thumbnail upload change
  • Fix for CreatedBy not populated in DB after Web upload
  • Fix for Media Cleanup report showing less than half user library contents
  • Fix for shared contents that stayed published to playlists even after removal of those shared contents
  • Fix for unhandled exceptions which caused unstable application

Hotfix 5

  • Login avatar disappears after Save
  • French translation issues
  • Zoom - Captions not coming over from Zoom to Ensemble
  • Workflow Template cannot be created due to Wowza API validation failure
  • Temporary workaround to disable content title/description synchronization w/ Amara which is blocking editor launch
  • Performance fix for slow loading viewers report

Hotfix 6

  • Fixed viewers report regression from hotfix 5 resulting in display of viewer data to unauthorized users
  • Proper fix for Amara editor launch to restore disabled content title/description synchronization with Amara

Hotfix 7

  • Security fixes for XSS
  • All cookies required to be secure
  • Fix for Studio LCS single mode playback
  • Fix for uploaded files cleanup
  • Fix for 'Captions On By Default' playlist embed options

Hotfix 8

  • Removed AM PM for French time formats
  • Image gallery sorting updated to sort based on the upload order
  • Zoom - Fix for download timeout to prevent Service restart
  • Fix for playlist sorting

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for adding comments & notes for non-provisioned user

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for deleting Zoom recordings after ingest if changes are propagated from organization or institution workflow templates
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