New Features

  • Ability to customize reporting units and visible columns

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for missing video upload due to illegal characters in file name
  • Fixed playlist production date rendering
  • Fix to enforce library quota is less than organization and institution
  • Fix to not display deleted content shared to user in portal
  • Fixed scheduler issue causing logged errors due to duplicate encoding status update triggers
  • Studio permissions fix to not show devices that no longer exist
  • Permissions fix for library access
  • Fixed quiz rendering in custom ordered portal playlist channel
  • Fixed Zoom settings propagation
  • Fixed issue resulting in restriction removal when adding/removing playlist as portal channel
  • LTI chooser playlist preview fix when restricted to web address
  • Fixed issue saving admin email notification settings
  • Fixed duplication of security restrictions when creating new library
  • Fixed persistence of settings when using top CONTINUE button in media Manage wizard
  • Performance improvements for loading of very large playlists
  • Fix for issue resulting in misordered playlist content
  • Fixed rendering of html-based quiz results in player
  • Fixed propagation of disabled workflows
  • Fix to separate Live ABR TTL and VOD TTL settings
  • Fix to support HTML in quiz questions


Hotfix 1

  • Fix to handle authentication timeouts for login-restricted content
  • Fix to support custom playlist order in LTI chooser
  • Fix for deleting Zoom recordings after ingest if changes are propagated from organization or institution workflow templates
  • Added French translation for Reporting

Hotfix 2

  • Additional logging of LDAP status and server message values for diagnosing connection issues

Hotfix 3

  • Fixes for French language translations
  • Fixed authentication timeout hidden content flash during player load

Hotfix 4

  • Studio Integration with Panopto

Hotfix 5

  • Added support for LTI configuration migration to Panopto
  • Added support for LTI launch redirection to Panopto for existing LTI link items
  • Fixed LTI launch parameter handling to force HTML embeds (disabling link item option)
  • API update to include AddedBy property with user info, if available, to content response
  • API update to include content duration
  • Updated footer application version with link to relocated changelog

Hotfix 6

  • Zoom – Added retry logic to delete Zoom recordings after ingest.
  • Studio Integration with Panopto – Improved stream status validation

Hotfix 7

  • Windows Ensemble Anthem update to 3.0
  • Reporting export fix
  • Legacy captions download fix

Hotfix 8

  • Populates CreatedBy column for contents.
    • This column is used to determine owners of contents during conversion process UserId and UserEmail columns in inventory spreadsheet.

Hotfix 9

  • Added handling for legacy playlist contents redirect

Hotfix 10

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for public access content download
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