Ensemble API



Our APIs offer a flexible platform for you to build your own video/media site. One requires no authentication (API v1). and the other basic or forms authentication (API v2) for tighter integration into the Ensemble Video Platform.

Integrators may also wish to review our Integration Strategies document for additional details and use cases.

API v1

The simple publishing API is a REST-based web service for retrieving data from the Ensemble Video application. It is intended to be used by third party web sites and services to interact with the Ensemble Video application. The API can return data in three different formats: XML and JSON (Java Script Object Notation), JSONP (implementation of JSON that allows cross-domain data transfer - v3.2.1 and above). You can use any programming language that supports XML/HTTP transfer and can parse either XML or JSON to render the data as you wish.

API v2

Authenticated API that allows browsing of Organizations, Libraries, Content and Media Workflows, and provides a mechanism for upload of new media and related assets.

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